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Мария Пароди

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Обучение разговорному английскому языку - для путешествий, работы, личной жизни.


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If you are still struggling with your English speaking I can help you. Don't waste time, writing skills don't help you to start talking with people, in a real conversation you don't have time to check a dictionary or time to think, you have to learn how to express yourself. I was at your place, I visited different courses, I did lots of grammar and no results... I wanted to speak, I wished to be understood, but I a fact I have been too far from my aim till a moment I started having a real conversations in Skype. After for a while I realized I don't struggle anymore, I can explain what I want and what I need, I can speak with people all round the world and they understand me well. Speaking English has changed my life, currently I'm living in Gibraltar (UK overseas territory), my husband is British Citizens and we can help you feel confident with your speaking skills. I'm Russian like probably you are, my Skype lesson's price is 850 rubles.