Holidays. Test 1

Пройдите тест, узнайте свой уровень и посмотрите правильные ответы!



10 класс

This country is sometimes called "the upside down word". It lies in the Southern Hemisphere. During the Christmas holidays people often sunbathe on the beach or swim and surf in the ocean. On the 31st of December many people go to the country for the picnic.

In this country housewives start cooking special food for New Year’s Day and all the members of the family do a big cleaning up. The idea is to get rid of the dirt of the past year, and welcome the New Year without it. People eat the special food and drink rice wine during the meal.

On this day people write their names on cards with hearts on them. They don’t put their names at the end of their cards because they want their name to be a secret.

It’s the holiday when people visit their friends’ houses just after midnight on New Year’s night. The first person who comes to your house brings you luck.