Holidays. Test 2

Пройдите тест, узнайте свой уровень и посмотрите правильные ответы!



10 класс

In this city a lot of people gather in Times Square and watch the 'Big Apple' fall. Every New Year's Eve during the last few seconds before midnight it starts to 'fall' down the building, and when it gets to the bottom it's the start of the new year.

Many modern symbols of this holiday came from pagan times. The egg was a fertility symbol long before the Christian era. The ancient custom of dyeing eggs on this holiday is still very popular. The rabbit was a symbol of new life.

In this country people believe that on the New Year's Eve the magician Befaniya comes to the houses through the chimney and put the presents for children in their stockings or shoes.

It is a special day for families to get together and give thanks for different things. They usually thank for being well, for a healthy year and a good job, for meeting new friends. This holiday is on the fourth Thursday of November. Only Americans celebrate it.