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Пройдите тест, узнайте свой уровень и посмотрите правильные ответы!



9 класс

Match the wordds on the left to the appropriate translation on the right.
1) to appreciate
2) to quarrel
3) to envy
4) to betray

a) ссориться
b) ценить
с) предавать
d) завидовать

Choose the correct answer.
"It is so ... ! Why do not you and your friends come here next weekend and clean the place?"

Match the verbs on the left and the appropriate prepositions on the right.
1) to turn
2) to cheer
3) to date
4) to take part

a) up
b) back
c) in
d) off

Choose the correct form of the verb.
The test ... at the moment.