Conflict resolution

Пройдите тест, узнайте свой уровень и посмотрите правильные ответы!



9 класс

Match the adverbs on the left to the appropriate transletion on the right.
1) attentively
2) exactly
3) calmly
4) confidently

a) уверенно
b) точно
с) спокойно
d) внимательно

Choose the correct answer.
The palm trees seemed to be so ... .

Match the words on the left and on the right.
1) talk
2) punish
3) ask for
4) quarrel

a) witch people
b) advice from someone
c) unfairly
d) to people

Choose the correct form of the verbs.
The police officer asked me if I ... the criminal's face. He also asked me ... all details such as time, clothes, etc.