Australia. Test 1.

Пройдите тест, узнайте свой уровень и посмотрите правильные ответы!



It is the leading industrial state of Australia. Most people live along the east coast. Sydney is its capital.

Choose the appropriate form of the verbs.
Less than one third of inhabitants of Australia ... outsida city area. And still more people ... away from rural areas.

Choose the appropriate word.
Northern Territory has only one per cent of Australian ... .

It's the largest city of Australia. Its population is about 3.5 m people. It was founded on the 26th of January in 1788. It is the first European settlement in the country.

It is the least populated and the least developed part of Australia. Crocodiles stiil live in some of the swamps along the coast. Darwin is its capital and the only large settlement in the north. Alice Springs is the only town in the south.

Melbourne is the capital of the state and its largest city. Sheep and wheat are the main products here. Citrous fruits, grapes, peaches and apricots are grown along the Murray River.

It is sometimes called the apple isle because it produces most of Australia's apples.