Мария Мартовицкая

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Мария Мартовицкая

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I provide IELTS coaching, and help to improve English language far beyond the constraints of books.


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I am a current student of Downing college, Cambridge, where I study a BA in Law (Jurisprudence) and I currently study Child Protection and Children’s Rights with Harvard Law School edx.

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After completing school, I moved to England to study and work as an English tutor and au pair, where I was able to further build upon my teaching experience. At University, I tutor fellow students for their exams. I am passionate about tutoring because it is so rewarding to see a student thrive and achieve their goals. I have a professional, friendly, and patient teaching style, working to build confidence, knowledge, and exam skills in my students. While at University, I row with the Cambridge University Women’s Lightweight Boat Club and in my spare time, I study languages.

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