Светлана Землянская

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Светлана Землянская

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Готовлю к сдаче ОГЭ, ЕГЭ на 80+ и IELTS на 6.5+, а также по курсам: Cambridge English


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Образование: Амурский государственный университет, преподаватель английского языка, 2009
Сертификаты: TKT (Modules 1, 2), “Подготовка к ЕГЭ по английскому языку», «Курс по подготовке к IELTS»
Опыт преподавания: 5 лет (преподаватель в университете – 1 год, учитель средней школы – 1 год, языковые школы – 3 года)

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Hello! I’ve been a teacher for over 5 years. I've been teaching General and Specific English to both teenagers and adults at different levels and with different purposes, individually and in groups. I have a Bachelor's Degree in English language and foreign literature. I have several certificates including TKT, IELTS, and USE preparation courses. I believe learning English helps students to open their horizons and achieve their goals completely. I intend to encourage my students to talk, ask questions and think critically. I tend to use movies, music, modern training and methodology complex in class to realize my student’s potential. I aim my lessons to suit individual purposes and needs. My dear future student, I look forward to hearing from you soon and look forward to booking a trial lesson!

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